Day of the Dead Dance Party

If you have time to log on before authentic jerseys the event and make some pocket money, learn cooking and bake some bread, please do. But we'll have extra cash and bread for those who don't. Of course, you'll only be able to complete The Grateful Dead wedding dress quest outside of Silvermoon if you are a Blood Elf, but we will travel to other graveyards for other races, time permitting. Or you could just make a baby Blood Elf for this event only -- for those of you not dead set against it. (See what I did there?)
Today's Queue will focus on the multitude of questions we've wholesale wedding dresses received about Chill of the Throne, or more snarkingly called, Icecrown Radiance. Read on for questions and answers, and a tale of Little Jimmy using his obesity to mitigate the damage caused by his brother.
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